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Our Story


On a cool summer evening in 2013 Simon and Jessica Allan were enjoying a much overdue vacation. After a lovely dinner in Newport, RI they decided at take a stroll to do some window shopping. What they saw would forever change the course of their lives. One shop had a display for Tom’s Shoes. The sign indicated that for every pair of Tom’s sold one pair would be given to a child in need.

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The One for One® business model was brilliant and they thought, “How could we help people in this way?” This was the moment 151 Health was conceived.



151 Health was founded by Simon and Jessica Allan, a husband and wife team of Occupational Therapists. With over 17 years of combined experience they are highly qualified to recommend bathroom safety equipment. For every item you buy here 151 Health will donate one to a person in need.



Through your purchase you will be helping someone less fortunate fulfill a basic requirement of human existence. To not be able to bathe and use the bathroom safely due to lack of financial means is real problem. Through Anchor Drops our mission is to ensure that every person in the United States, and eventually the world, has the bathroom safety equipment they need.


The numbers in “151 Health” each mean something different.
The first “1” represents the person in need. This is the “why” and the reason the company was founded.
The second “1” represents the paying customer. Without this person’s willingness to help others the company would cease to exist.
The “5” is representative of family.  As of June 2015 there will be 5 members of our family. Family reflects our philosophy as to how we treat our customers, recipients, and team members.
The World Health Organization’s definition of “health” struck a chord. In 1946 the WHO defined “health” as, “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. For those who need it, the equipment  provided contributes to that overall well-being. The anchor symbolizes strength, stability, and independence.Anchor